Studio Devil Products

Studio Devil's tube amplifier modeling plug-ins and software utilize sophisticated algorithms from Gallo Engineering to bring you the best in simulated vacuum tube amplifier tone. Click on the products below for more information on features, demos, and to purchase online...

Virtual Tube Preamp

Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Modeling Plug-In

Virtual Guitar Amp II

Guitar Amp Modeling and Effects Plug-In

British Valve Custom

FREE Guitar Amp Modeler

Amp Modeler Pro

Guitar Amp Modeling and Effects Plug-In

Virtual Bass Amp Pro

Bass Guitar Processor and Effects Plug-In

Virtual Bass Amp

Bass Guitar Amp Modeler

"I have to say that this is the first time I've tried a virtual amp that can compete with the tone that I'm used to live. Very nice indeed."

- Studio Devil User

"...interesting to find out in this thread that [the EQs] are actually emulating the properties of a preamp's circuit capacitors. Not sure exactly what that means but I love the way they sound. "

- Studio Devil User