Studio Devil Virtual Tube Amplification

Studio Devil is a guitar and bass tube amp emulation software technology, available as plugins for audio host recording software, and as standalone applications for live play. If you're looking for a way to play or record your guitar directly with your computer, and to get the best coveted tube amp sounds, you have come to the right place.

Studio Devil utilizes the world's best tube modeling algorithms from Gallo Engineering to bring you the best in simulated tube amplifier tone. Many others have tried...but only one delivers the dynamic response you've come to expect from real tube amps. Plug into a virtual guitar amp today!

Amplify Anyware.

Whether you're jamming tracks on your Mac with Garage Band or Logic, a PC with Cubase or SONAR, or running a ProTools system, you can experience Studio Devil on whichever platform inspires you most.

Windows  Mac OS-X  Audio Units  VST  Pro Tools 

Virtual Tube Preamp!

Virtual Tube Preamplification is for ALL your tracks!

Studio Devil VTP: a meticulously accurate reproduction of a discrete, class-A, vacuum tube preamplifier. Give your tracks and mix the warmth and compression that only a real vacuum tube can provide! Available now as a plugin for your VST, AU, or ProTools project!

Download a DEMO NOW!

Bass Amp Goes Pro!

Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp Pro is here!

Your bass tracks just went PRO! Studio Devil VBA features two independent channels, and a biamp mode, that lets you tame your highs and lows and blend them together...lots of killer tone from one, killer interface.

Download VBA Pro now!